a quick update

Posted by Alex the Odd at 04:38

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

I'm now five hours down on my backpiece, I only managed two hours on the last sitting. Mostly due to me being a complete wuss. I'm really, really glad nobody told me how painful this was going to be (or how awkward - turns out that having your entire spine stabbed repeatedly leads to a few days of restricted movement and very little sleep - shocking I know) because there's a chance I might have chickened out, now there's no chance of me doing that because the "half finished" look doesn't really suit me. There no photos as of yet as my camera died shortly before my session but I will pester someone into taking some for me the second I'm fully healed, there are a few stubborn spots that are resolutely remaining scabbed over.

The datailling from the last session is gorgeous, Kamil did a lot of work on her face as well as shading in her chest and shoulders and starting work on her dress. The face in particular blows me away, her lips look absolutely phenomenal - kind of weird to focus on such a small detail but they're beautiful!

I've got over a month now until my next session, which is at the end of December hopefully that'll get me past the memory of how horrifying it was and back into bouncing excitement (and give me some time to save up!)

Next time will also involve stencilling the background for the top half of the piece so hopefully I'll have all the linework finished by the new year. Here's hoping!