an introduction to the ink

Posted by Alex the Odd at 06:59

Sunday, 2 September 2007

It was this post on my personal blog that really made me decide to start a new blog dedicated to the subject of tattooing. As fun as random musings about the state of my life are (and I do intend to keep doing so) I've been feeling for a while that I'd like to do something with more direction I've chosen to write on this subject not because I am in any way an expert (I'd never claim to be) but because I'm still learning about the subject. Most of my spare time is put to use researching tattoo designs or giving impassioned arguments to defend elements of the art form and so I thought I'd put it to good use in blog form. I'm also about to begin the fairly lengthy process of getting a new tattoo so I'll be chronicling the process as I go through it.

In addition to all this expect hearty amounts of bitching about bad celebrity tattoos, commentary on tattoo stories featured in the media, rants about image misconception and any other random thing that occurs to me in the meantime.

While I'm getting this place up and running (or at any other time) feel free to visit me at Circular Logic, I'll be posting updates to this site on there as they come.

Alex over and out.