T minus 12 hours

Posted by Alex the Odd at 14:48

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Well, it's 12 hours exactly (by my watch) until I sit in that chair again and change myself forever. I've never had an appointment booked for this long, or put this much thought into a piece of work before (as you can probably tell) so I'm spending half my time in quiet contemplation and the other half rather vocally freaking out.

In that spirit I'd like to share with you the tattoos I have already the follies of youth if you will... (And I must say, after my little trip to the London Tattoo Convention this weekend (click here for the few photos I actually managed to take before my camera up and died on me), I now feel decidedly unadventurous up until this point.) Sorry about the crappy image quality by the way, it's almost midnight and sheer laziness prevented me from making them purdy. But here we are, a whistle stop tour around my skin on the last evening it will ever look as it does now:

My Gecko (tattoo number 1)


My first tattoo and still my favourite, I intend to have him added to at some point, possibly by giving him a friend and some form of background to sit on. In other news: no it isn't creepy to assign personalities to my tattoos. Leave me alone.

He lives on my left hip.

My Snowflake (tattoo number 2) and my Swirly Flower Thing (tattoo number 4)


Every now and then I catch myself thinking "Hmmm, well maybe my snowflake's OK after all" and then I get someone to take a photo and I remember just how much I hate it. I hated it on paper, I have no clue why on Earth I thought I'd like it any more on my skin. The idiocy of youth I guess. This one is getting re worked as part of my back piece.

I love my most recent tattoo, the beautiful clean lines are a testament to Kanae's skill, I'm continually amazed at how much soul she managed to put into a tiny piece of flash. There is a part of me that thinks that maybe I shouldn't have got it done as it does hinder my ability to get a fully done back piece. But then I remember why I got it and I realise that there really was no other option. We'll see how Kamil manages to work around it as it's still fairly low down on my back. If it has to be covered or worked in then so be it. I still have the flash, I may find myself getting it done elsewhere afterwards.

My Rose (tattoo number 3)


This one has the most meaning to me and is the one that most people see as it lies on my stomach just above the waistband of most pairs of my jeans. Incidentally it isn't just crappy picture quality - it was a bad tattoo in the first place and then I picked at it. Considering where I was in my life there was no way I wasn't going to subconsciously ruin it so I only partly blame myself. I do like the placing though and I intend to expand on it gradually, adding more flowers and some ivy leaves, in between getting my bigger pieces done

I'll get into the symbolism of these images at some point (hint: there really isn't any, shocking I know - I'm more of a "time and place" girl rather than a "picture" one) but here they are for the curious (and pestery) among you.


Anonymous said...

Now some day I'll have to catalog my ink (You're one tat up on me...soon to be two up on me.)

Tattoo conventions make me feel like a tattoo dilettante too.

I wanted to get some ink in Seattle but my friend wussed out on me. She can be such an effing stick in the mud.

This is all spurring me on more to get cracking on the ink I want for my son and another for my grandmother's memory. AND to finally get my Cheshire grin...

I like your leetle leezard.

TK said...

You picked at it?! Bad Alex! BAD!

Oh, but the itching can be so rough sometimes.

Someday I'll post pics of mine. The most recent one is almost healed up, but I now realize it needs a bit of touch up.

That snowflake is pretty cool. I wish I could do colors, but my skin is just a bit too dark.

litelysalted said...

I wholeheartedly agree with TK -- I think the snowflake looks awesome!

I only have black ink, too... Which is weird, because I love color, but on my skin I like simplicity. I never thought of getting a monotone tattoo in color though.

Alex the Odd said...

Yes indeed more tattoo pictures from you lovely internet people s'il vous plait.

I'm surprised the snowflake is getting love, quite glad too as it's forming a major part of my new piece

I have new and exciting photos to post. Oh yes indeedy, they're coming up soon so have patience my pretties. With them will be an exciting account of today's session. Yeee!

Nixxy said...

Hi, i think all your tattoos are amazing!!

I was just wondering, if any of you could give me some advice....

....Do tattoos hurt when you have them done because im thinking of getting one done??

Much appreciated.

Alex the Odd said...

Wow, you found an old post on my old blog!

In answer to your question: yeah, yeah they really, really, really do hurt. Or sometimes not so much. It depends on your pain threshold and where you're getting it done. Also on your artist because some people are super gentle and others make it fucking CANE.

My new blog is www.inkandapples.com, click on the "ink" category to see more stuff if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

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