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Posted by Alex the Odd at 15:04

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Just a quick hit posting today as I'm absolutely exhausted and have to get up early to buy supplies for our house Christmas dinner tomorrow (insanity) and my apologies for the fragmented incoherence but a mixture of sugar and incredibly strong painkillers isn't realy a winning combination for me, thought process wise. But as promised/asked for:

Healed work from my session way back when (ie. 29th October):


And this is the fresh work from today's session (I'll post more on a non skewed angle when it's healed up):


Both were only two hour sittings as I'm a wuss and can't take much more pain than that. There is more detail on the right side too it's a pretty awesome fur effect but alas, is not visible in the picture.

Today's music: Johnny Cash

I started a mini discussion with Kamil concerning my sleeves (I know! At the rate of progress my back is going at I won't be starting until this time in 2009), and damn it if I don't have the best plan ever. He also reassured me that despite guesting at Last Rites, he's not going anywhere any time soon so if I have to take a year off before I can afford my sleeves then so be it.


And yes, my next session is on the 26th, that's one whole week away. Guh-yikes. Looks like we're concentrating on my ice queen for now and saving the background for when she's finished.

Comments? questions? Fire away.

PS. Go look at Boo's new tattoo. It's purty and I covet it.

PPS: I have a couple of future sessions booked too, apparently I don't need the money to eat so having two £200 sessions in the span of one paycheck is absolutely fine. Honest.


Anonymous said...

Lurvely! For some reason, I am really digging her gloves.

Okay, there is no other way to say this without sounding mildly weird but I too am a freckly, molely girl about the back area. I have always been curious to know how all the freckles would interact with ink. Seeing your tattoo take shape, I think that it works out fine.

Damn, I need money and a good designer so I can finally get moving on my next ink.

Johnny Cash: Good choice.

Mary said...

Love and I mean love how this piece is turning out. My favorite is the way he shades skin and how he did the hair and the lips and the he does on skin what I try to do with charcoal and graphite. Congrats on doing this so well. I can't wait to start some more work. Oh and your friends peice is really nice too, who's her artist?

Anonymous said...

Wow, for a fresh tattoo, that work is amazingly clean. the tones are gorgeous. And a two hour sitting is nothing to twitter at, lady. Thanks for the shouty!

Girls with tattoos = awesometown.

TK said...

Young lady, you're never going to find a husband if you look like that!

Whoa. That was weird.

Again, let me express my jealousy over your being able to get color tattoos. Stupid dark skin.

The shading on the woman is fucking AMAZING.

Manny said...

Fucking awe-SOME. I'm officially insanely jealous. Thanks, buddy.

Alex the Odd said...

Manda: I was worried about how my moles would figure in to the piece too - it turns out you just have to tattoo around them.

Mary: Thanks, I'm crazy about his style too! I don't know who her artist is I'm afraid... I'ms ure if you leave her a comment on her blog she'll be nice enough to tell ya ;)

Boo: Yep, yet more proof that we win at life.

tk: Thanks for that as a reward I will continue to flaunt my colour tattoo getting abilities at every opportunity. Hah.

Manny: Inspiring jealousy in random internet folks is what I'm all about. Glad you like!